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Welcome to the community of the First Universalist Church of West Chesterfield. Devoted to community growth and compassion through faith, togetherness, and spirituality.


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Our church performs weddings for anyone who wishes to form their own special service with the wording and structure that is most meaningful to them.



Due to COVID-19 our church will be closed indefinitely. Please stay posted and check our Facebook page for updates and our plan to reopen.

Any additional services, announcements or events will be posted on our Facebook page.

We Are Open!


Please watch our Facebook page for the schedule and open hours.

Farewell to an Annual Tradition... For Now
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Since our historic church building was built in 1830 it has served the community as an open and accepting community space and worship environment. We have shared our space with many denominations and welcomed those from all faiths, cultures and walks of life. Many families in our community have celebrated christenings, weddings, holiday services and celebrations of life at our little church on the hill. We have grown in numbers, shrunk and grown again through our nearly 200 years as an incorporated faith community. Now we find ourselves in a time of declining numbers.


Those who have kept our spirit of open faith and community alive and well are aging and our once bustling youth group has moved on to various secondary schools and beyond. The annual Christmas Candlelight Service has long been a place where many of our youth returns to share stories of all the great things that they have learned and experienced in the world. It is a time when we take great pride in our children and the community that supported them, and their families, on the long road to adulthood. 


This year our little church on the hill will be unable to hold the annual Christmas Candlelight Service and community Luminaria that has become such a pivotal tradition for us. We will now end our Fall program in mid November and plan to reopen on Easter Sunday for our spring season. We have great hopes that this will be a temporary change in our annual schedule and that we will bounce back in membership and attendance enough to support our continued work and relationship in the community.

As always, the community is welcomed and

encouraged to join us at our

10am Sunday services.


Fellowship coffee to follow. 

Our Mission

To encourage our fellow humans to honor the presence of the divine in their lives and to further their spiritual growth; and in the belief that there is strength in coming together to worship, to learn, and to work that we cannot find alone.

Our Covenants:
_DSC7646.JPG provide a place and opportunities for truth seeking
through worship, classes, and study and discussion 
groups... provide a supportive and nonjudgmental
atmosphere where all can learn and grow together...

...and to remain aware of our place in the community as
a whole and endeavor to work for the good of the

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