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Welcome to the community of the First Universalist Church of West Chesterfield. Devoted to community growth and compassion through faith, togetherness, and spirituality.
Easter Services and Children’s Egg Hunt
It is also a time where we welcome new friends and family to our community church. We begin our service at ten o’clock. While the adults enjoy the ever beautiful Easter sermon with our Itinerant minister Arthur Reublinger and share in music played by our long time church member and organist Sylvia Fairbanks, the children will make Easter baskets with their new spring bulbs.

After the music, singing, and sermon we welcome everyone to join together in the back of the church for coffee, juice, munchies, and laughter.

A children’s Easter egg hunt will take place following the service, weather permitting. Please join us this Easter as we welcome newcomers and each other back for another year together as a community.
Sunday, April 20th Church Reopens for Easter Sunday and Annual Egg Hunt
Time: 10 am
Sunday, May 4th
Annual Buisness Meeting
Where: First Universalist Church of West Chesterfield
Time: 2 pm
Sunday, May 11th
Mother's Day Service
Time: 10 am
Sunday, June 29th
Sing Along/Children's Lay Service
Time: 10 am
Water Ceremony.
The First Universalist Church of West Chesterfield resumed...
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First Universalist Church of West Chesterfield
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We will be re-opening for spring/summer services on Easter Sunday, April 20h at 10 O’clock. We have al struggled through this harsh winter and would like to invite all of our friends, new and old, to celebrate the glory of spring and all that this upcoming season has to offer. Our traditional Easter celebration is a time-honored favorite among our members. It is a time where we can sit, talk and rejoice together.
The winter of 2013-2014 will surely live on in the memories of all of us who have shared in it.  This will become that blustery season we will tell our descendents about years from now!

I often think of those lucky West Chesterfield folks who can stay at home and watch the winter splendor out their kitchen windows.  There have been "snow days" when that was possible for me but our roster of Hospice patients this winter has been a group of perilous and unpredictable patients who have required attention without regard for climatic conditions.
Just a few days ago (as I write this), our staff had a team meeting scheduled at a facility.  It was snowing quite heavily but nothing close to "white out" conditions...I felt it was sensible to drive to the meeting.  The route could be back roads (no school buses today) or the Interstate.  I chose the highway believing it would be more traveled and a safer choice.  Just as I turned onto the entrance ramp (no chance to turn back) I could see a trail of red brake lights as far ahead as falling snow would allow me to envision.  At such a moment, it is easy to feel trapped and frustrated, watching your best developed plans come crashing down around you.

Fortunately, my UU outlook came into my thoughts and the Universe beckoned me to a moment of splendor.  The highway cuts through a forest of statuesque evergreens here;  as it was quite cold, the snow was powdery and the branches would periodically "dump" their snow and let their luminous shades of green show through.   Looking into this curious beauty, it seemed to me to be a heady concoction of the human and the spiritual...the glowing red of the man made brake lights encircling the white and green of the Universe offering of snow and trees.

Sitting there, with my foot on the brake, I let this portrait of the union of God and man have full impact into my inner self.  I offered a prayer that everyone was safe who was also sharing in this portrait with me.  After all, we were all isolated souls encased in metal boxes we call automobiles.  As I read in the newspaper later, my prayer was answered.

I cannot wait to be with you in church again in a few weeks.  But I hope that now, as well as then, and even forever, you will take whatever moments are presented to you to see the union of God and man in our splendid universe.  Whether that be as you look into the face of one of our Church School students, or gain an insight from one of your fellow church members, or the realization of an ageless truth as we sing a familiar hymn, that poignancy of the fusion of humanity and spirituality will pound in your spirit.  May you come to recognize your role both as a viewer perceiving a blessing as well as an artist creating a blessing.  Every moment you take a breath is a great occasion  to meditate!  

PARKED ON THE HIGHWAY...A Great Time to Meditate - Arthur H. Reublinger
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We Have a Winner!
Congratulations to Pat McDerby of Spofford for winning the Kitchen Aid Professional Stand Mixer in our holiday raffel!

Thank you to all of the our
volunteers and bake sale
donation families. We couldn't
have had a sucessful day without you all.